Investments translate to benefits for the companies because of the investment return they receive.

Juan José López Torres @jjlopezt

The coexistence between cloud solutions and in premise, it’s a trend happening in El Salvador, assured Group PBS while participating on the Tech Day, an event where they showcased last generation technologies and their different applications. According to Inti Grimaldi, Business Development Manager, “technology tools allow the coexistence between both environments more and more, being the trendiest one, for the future, cloud managed services.”

Group PBS provides products and services for solutions integration, distributor of Xerox, Cisco and Oracle technologies.

According to Grimaldi, the market is growing in the integration of protection and security systems, both in the information side, as well as the physical security. In this sense, investments translate to benefits for the companies because of the investment return they receive.“Our market is traditionally corporate and large enterprises, however the wide array of solutions at PBS, lets us to also offer different options for the SMB market (Small and Medium Business)”, he added.

For these segments, CIOs find a business ally, in PBS, which comprehends the nature of the needs and translate them to different technology options available within the budget, he commented.

In that sense, the learning curve the department that adopts the hybrid environment solutions must pass decreases because they keep getting shorter, less stressful and minimize the increment of steps.

“Still if we talk about new technologies, these must be aligned to the business objectives of the company, therefore the learning curve must to be shorter”, he added. Group PBS provides integrated solutions and distributes Xerox, Cisco and Oracle technology systems. Creates client values and it becomes a strategic ally to optimize the resources for the growth of your business. “We integrate ourselves on a daily basis in your business, based on our extensive experience and trajectory providing solutions for printing and imaging business, security, professional services, IT transactions and connectivity. We maintain a proper relationship with our partners and prepare ourselves with tomorrow’s technology, so we make things happen.” commented Grimaldi.