PBS Group obtains 7 of 9 "XPPS“ Accreditations Xerox Print Partner Services

July 2015, in Xerox “Gil Hatch Center“,  Rochester, New York, was held the”Xerox Distributor Group” mid-year meeting.

At this meeting the accreditations “Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS)” for Distributors were awarded. Seven of nine accreditations were for PBS Group operations.

This accreditation recognize  professional  training in managed printing services.

Currently, most companies do not understand the true costs of managing their print, copy, scan and fax assets, even though they can spend up to 10% of their income on document resources.

The objective of this certification was to prepare business partners to offer managed print services, supported on four priorities:

  • Update in best practices as consultants and advisors of customers
  • Master the Xerox suite of tools that help to manage all printing units. Xerox unique advantages.
  • Launch multi-brand managed printing services.
  • Differentiation between proactive service (Service Desk) with a reactive service (Help Desk).

The Xerox managed print services, are provided from Xerox service centers, which are monitoring supplies usage, possible equipment failures, network connection, etc.

XPPS can build a partnership relationship whit customers, since among other things, PBS is responsible for:

  • Ensure supply of consumables.
  • Proactive management of printing incidents.
  • Technical assistance.

All with exceptional service quality in managed print services.