A World Class presentation

Choco Atelier was born as a family business in 2014, with the desire to create something unique. They work with meticulous detail and quality craftsmanship to create chocolates of incomparable flavors and gourmet quality; highlighting the flavor and aroma of Nicaraguan cocoa in each of its processes. The secret ingredient is the love that his team puts in each batch of chocolate.

Its name is a tribute to the Chocolatiers Masters of Switzerland and Belgium who day by day serve as inspiration and quality standard. Every day they experience new concepts and processes with the same goal they have had since the beginning: Create the best chocolate in Nicaragua.

Choco Atelier, looking for a way to transmit the gourmet of its chocolates in its packaging, transformed its packaging box into a sensory experience with personalized colors, handmade and with textures that communicate the style, innovation and superior quality of its product.

One of the great challenges that this project faced was finding a local business partner that would have the experience and packaging portfolio they wanted, to highlight the Choco Atelier brand.

Today, producers can find different packaging proposals locally that convey the value of their brand. The graphic arts segment with the support of PBS Nicaragua, authorized distributor of Neenah Paper, has the portfolio and experience to boost your business.

The texture, colors and type of paper used transmit elegance with the highest quality standards and custom designs, generating a connection with customers and increased sales of their products.

Neenah Paper packaging has helped world-class brands for more than 140 years, enabling leading and emerging companies to fulfill the promise of their brand. Our vision is to create value by improving the image and performance of everything we touch and it is our employees who drive this value.

Find in PBS the perfect product for your packaging project. Transform your box into a sensory experience for your customers The paper you choose for your packaging says a lot about your brand.