The Nicaraguan government entity MIFIC (Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce) has created a compilation of companies or institutions that work with quality management systems and have achieved certification. Companies that have been able to recognize in the continuous improvement of their processes the opportunity to differentiate and improve their products and services in the market through the satisfaction of the expectations and requirements of their customers.

Within this list of certified companies is PBS Nicaragua that obtained its certification in August 2016 under the standards of ISO 9001: 2008 which reiterates the interest of providing the best service to all its clients since the first contact.

The activity of certification of Quality Management Systems is to evaluate the compliance of products, processes, services, people or systems, with the international standards and technical specifications, in order to offer greater assurances to consumers that what they acquire meet certain Quality and safety requirements.

The certification of quality and safety standards aims to ensure that the products and services produced in an economy conform to the specifications established in the standards. This allows acquirers to have more detailed and reliable information regarding the properties of the acquired goods and can contribute to the functioning of markets more efficiently, provided that this process is carried out in a competitive context.